Robinson Crusoe on a Sunday Morning


Khalid_Sheikh_Mohammed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been hanging out at the beach today, cruising around some internet sites, and I decided to word search hero, since the idea of the hero has always interested me.  I came across some list by some maniac that listed his top 100 heroes who “changed the world” from biblical times up until modern times.  It was mostly a list of American military figures and American presidents, so I can only imagine where the list maker was from and what his or her criteria was.  There were also links to pages entitled “World Religious Map”, “Bible Questions Answered”, “Bible Study” and “How to Lose Weight Fast.”  The dumbest thing about the criteria was the “changed the world” part.  I can think of plenty of people who have changed the world…Genghis Kahn, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, any number of corrupt Popes, Al Capone, atomic bomb makers and droppers, Eugene McCarthy, 9-11 attack mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Osama bin Laden.  That’s an awfully abbreviated list.  And, all of these people were or are Heroes to millions of Some Bodies, at Some Time, Some Where.

George H. W. Bush awarding former President Ro...

George H. W. Bush awarding former President Ronald Reagan the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction in January 1993 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After seeing what other subject matter was available on this site I was not surprised a bit to find Ronald Reagan and George Bush  among this lister’s heroes of recorded history…and I was a bit baffled, but not surprised at their placement, considering the company.

Ronald Reagan was placed at number 5, and George Bush at number 15.  What the…?  I had thought this muscular Christian had gone too far even considering them for his top 100, but placing them both in the top 15?  Need I even go on? Why not?

Feeling a bit dismayed after my search for heroes, I considered who would be considered influential.  Time magazine does one of these lists every year, and if you can’t trust Time who can you trust?


lady_gaga_1920x1080 (Photo credit: Jason H. Smith)

Let’s see…in 2010 Sarah Palin, Conan O’Brian, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Ashton Kutcher, and Taylor Swift were on the list.  Good grief !  Are people really so daft?  In 2011 Prince William and Katherine Middleton were on the list, as was Pope Benedict XVI…but one of them is getting out of town while the getting is good, and if you know who these people are, then you probably know which one is getting gone before the offal falls.  Alright, this is why Time is no longer a relevant source of anything but gossip and sensationalistic pap.  I’m beginning to feel like a Robinson Crusoe, but even Friday won’t hang with someone who lacks the influence of Ashton Kutcher or a Pope who is slipping out the back door.

I tried the 1oo most influential song list, hoping for some sort of cultural connection.  The first site I tried couldn’t load…the second warned it would load my computer with cookies…and the third loaded but then locked up on me.  I couldn’t even form a technological connection.

Alright, I thought…how about the world’s most popular serial killers, or movie villains, or – Books !  Influential books…I can do that.

Mr. Robinson Crusoe

Mr. Robinson Crusoe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to get to number 57 before I found a book I had read and own, Candide by Voltaire.  Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, The Trial by Kafka, Nineteen Eighty-Four by Orwell…and that was it.  Five books out of one hundred…five percent.  It seems that I’m not going to be in with any in crowd.  I need to form a pompous superiority complex, or maybe cultivate a crippling inferiority complex…how about both – “My inferiority complex is better than yours!”

What to do?  Is there a 100 Greatest Losers list?  How about a 100 Greatest Nerds list?  Let me…

Screw it…  Back to the Robinson Crusoe bit – I could find a big rock, put it in my pocket, walk down to the Pacific, then…yeah, I know – Virginia Woolf.  Derivative.  Time to log off and lay in the sand of a big beach near a small town and enjoy the sun shining on my face.


16 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe on a Sunday Morning

  1. mrs fringe says:

    An excellent choice, using the word hero. I have grown to hate the word, it’s been devalued and enlarged, until it’s become what Tammy Faye’s eyelashes became to Christianity. Everybody’s a freakin hero now.

    On a side note, you used one of my top 100 words, pap. Just used it in a story last week, now wondering if I really like the way the story is taking shape, or just pleased with myself for working the word in. :p

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Tammy Faye’s eyelashes…now there’s a horrigying memory. Now I’ve got a mental image of her cheeks all smeared with macara…whining away while the Baker fortune and fortunes took a big dip in the Jessica Hahn memorial swimming pool. Ohhhh, Mrs. Fringe – you’re heartless. Let’s see that story with “pap” in it. If I can do it with my narrow vocab, I’m sure you can do it with your wit and charm.

  2. I thought I was the medieval one in my opinion of regarding Time’s most Infuential list not amount to anything considerable. I have long gave up the idea of being fascinated by a modern day Hero. Hero’s are made by imperfections. I read somewhere : A Hero must have a tragic flaw in his character. I accept this to be true. Heroes arise when imperfections rise to a level of torture in a society. But we have been in the habit of getting used to everyhting bad happening around us and opting for an alternative to avert our sights for momentary peace.
    You writings are very diverse !That is the one thing I lack the most and enjoy in your work the most.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Thanks agian. I didn’t expect to find heroes…I was just using that as a device to comment on the lack of any true culture in the U.S., and how people have to fabricate their own, which is usually more flawed than any hero ever revered.

  3. harmony77uk says:

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award…

  4. Heroes are nice in theory, nobody is ever to call you out for respecting someone else, but the moment I start scratching the surface of the lives of others I immediately find the whole “r-e-s-p-e-c-t” (tell you what it means to me) glow has faded. I think it isn’t the person, so much, as what action the person did to get my attention that I respect. A person can be a complete bastard, but an act of kindness goes a long way at redemption.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Just a device to get me going on how I’m supposed to live without a culture. I don’t expect much heroism out of the world, and that way, I’m not often disappointed. I do agree with your comment…I’m not delusional.

      • too true! (plus delusional is such an ugly word, i like to think of it as “strongly opinionated.”) do you feel connected to the ex-pat community in your area? (unless, of course, there isn’t one, that happens too)

        • coyotero2112 says:

          Ex-pat communities everywhere are a strange group of characters. Usually they’ve outlived theri welcome where they came from, or are just adventurous souls who can’t be held down by borders, laws, or the opinion of other, more conventional types. I fit into most categories, and have been an ex-pat since age two, by circumstance, and since sixteen, by choice.
          Individuality being what it is, I connect with some, and the schemer/scammer types I avoid like the poisonous snakes that crawl around my yard and hang from the trees…watching out for me health, you know.

  5. I could do with re-reading Candide. And thanks for inspiring the next Travellers’ Song over at mine. I’ve come over all nostalgic.

  6. shimmyshark says:

    Re-define the word hero, and lower your expectations…you’ll stay sane.
    On my Way…

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