Beach Angel Blessing

This is a re-working of a Sand Art photo my wife took two weeks ago.  We thought it needed a little something, so she manipulated it with a few added touches of color.  The original is below.


A Sand Shot Fairy



Some difference.  This Sand Art thing is something we’ve been working on for a while.  The model is willing, and always available…the sea and sand and wind will never complain, show up late after a late night of partying, and no wages.  And the combination of sand, sea, and wind seems to leave us enough abstract drainage patterns every day, twice a day, we will never run out of subject matter.  And, the sweet little bonus…it’s a bit of the wife and husband activity thing that gives us something constructive and artistic we can do together.


8 thoughts on “Beach Angel Blessing

  1. Exquisite, as always!!!!!

  2. With color the sand art becomes something otherworldly … by which I mean it looks like the backdrop of the galaxy used in 1960s scifi movies: swirling gas clouds and transcendental light storms. Barbarella exploring the limits of the space and time. All from sand, wind and color. Wonderful!

  3. shimmyshark says:

    Hey…what are you doing with my…I mean, our art over there? Do you have no morals?
    On my Way…

  4. Wow – truly beautiful.

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