Road Tripping Down the Dead Road

I’ve got these back problems, you see.  When I was working as a tour guide in Mexico I broke my back.  It never gets better, but I got some advice from a local directing me to a “real chiropractor” out on the barren road to Langosta Beach.  And, this local said she was cheap.  We all have different standards.

My wife and I got lost, finding ourselves on a side road.  I asked a fisherman about a doctor for backs, and he pointed to a walled compound where a sign warned of dangerous dogs.  Walking around to the front of the chiropractor’s office I came across the dangerous dogs, asleep in the heat.

Chiropractor Dogs

A metal pad at the side of the doorway had an “Empuje” sign above it, so I impujed.  An elderly woman appeared, told me she was with a client for the next hour, and to come back later.  One dangerous dog opened an eye, the other raised his head, looked me over, then let his head loll back against the iron fence.  What to do?  The Tamarindo Municipal Park was across the street.

Manglar Parque

Turkey Vultures

I loved the name of the park…in gringo…Mangler Park.  The park was a desolate, dry, dead place, as every place is during the dry season.  The sign advertised a Fitness Course, and I’m always in need of some more fitnessing.  We wanders in to find the only two creatures in the park other than ourselves were two full-grown Turkey Buzzards.  They weren’t leaving, no matter how close we got to them, and I urged my wife forward with her camera…telling her they must have some carcass they were working over or they would have flown.  She got within ten feet of the pair before she started complaining of the smell.

 Female Turkey Vulture

The male had been standing guard…the female was busy mangling what was left of an Iguana.  The male flew up into a tree, but the female was not going to leave her small, smelly piece of the food chain.  She kept to her mangling.  We decided to wait outside on the dead, dusty road to Langosta and the Ghost Hotel.

 I began to have second thoughts about our little health excursion down the Dead Road, and suggested we walk back up the road to where I had spotted some ancient ruins…ancient for Costa Rica.

Yes, the remnants of a long-dead culture.  The ruins of the first building boom brought on by the gringo invasion of the 1970s, gone bust when the colonists abandoned their dreams, deciding that dry seasons, rainy seasons, high season for tourists, and low season for tourists were not the extreme variations they were looking for in their search for Paradise.  The strong – Los Brovos, survive here…the weak go home, if they have one to go to.  I don’t.  I’m thinking of changing addresses from the Ghost Hotel to the Ancient Ruins by the Beach.

Costa Rica Ruins

7 thoughts on “Road Tripping Down the Dead Road

  1. cindy knoke says:

    You lead a fascinating life……

    • coyotero2112 says:

      You dug that one up…Mangler Park, with the buzzards tearing an iguana apart amongst the exercise equipment. Oh, my…I had fogotten all about that day. I walked back into a trail looking for a monkey troop the other day and stepped right into a clearing of shanty shacks, with some surprised looking illegal Nicaraguans just getting up to labor. I carry my machete at all times now when we’re jungle cruising…blonde wife, in her cutesy bikini top and sparkling new camera. The Nicos might have taken that as an invitation to act untoward.

  2. Intrepid adventurers…you ar e definitely making me rethink my mental image of Costa Rica. Careful, or I will scratch it off my bucket list. Hope you get some relief from back pain.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      How many pieces could I do about endless white sand beaches with waving palms, rolling warm waves, exotic birds and monkeys, and happy hours with toes in perfect and? I’ll try to juice it up soon…pretty it up for Pretty, the Pack, and especially, you.

  3. What happened to the back?

  4. ioniamartin says:

    It is good to see that in Costa Rica the turkey vultures actually go out and exercise on the fitness track. In Nevada we have fat, lazy animals and then we eat too many of them and become fat, lazy people.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      The “cute factor” seems to be in play with you. Cute little Hermit Crabs…OK. Big, ugly, smelly, carrion-munching Turkey Buzzards…opportunistic Thansgiving. Ohhh, I like dry and funny…like you.

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