A Mother’s Day Visitor

Cats are not popular pets in Costa Rica.  Dogs are the most valuable, since they also serve as security systems.  Cats, such as this little kitten, are often killed or fed to dogs to get them comfortable and used to killing and attacking.  Cats usually have the fear in their eyes, if you even see one, and avoid most human contact.  This kitten was hyper-vigilant and in fight-or-flight mode for about half an hour, but soon calmed down once my wife got to feeding her…making bed spaces in every room…and crawling around on the floor with her.


Kitty Not SureCamping Out



We had nothing to feed her but cheese, bread, and finally a plate of scrambled eggs.  My wife, being allergic to cats, has never had a kitten, and surely wasn’t prepared for this one.  She knew she was going to suffer swollen ankles, watery eyes, and probably a whopper of a migraine headache, but she was full of Oxytocin – the mothering hormone – and she played the role of mama cat for a couple of days like a trooper.  But, we immediately started looking around for a home, and in a small, spread-out community like ours, looking for someone to take a kitten called for a bit of social media mining.  Tamarindo has two different websites for socializing…Tamarindo Social Network and Tamarindo Garage Sale.  She got going with both of them, posting photos and going on and on about how cute, spirited and playful she was.  It worked.  A family from Playa Langosta, a few kilometers south of here, called and said they wanted her.  Since cats aren’t very popular, kittens are rare…and they WANTED HER !


Kitty Trying to Nap


Meanwhile, she had discovered the couch.

Her belly was as full as it had probably been in a while.

She was relaxed and safe in the company of her rescuers.

She still had more to explore, and she got to it in no time.




Kitty LovesI was so worn out from our pet rescue operation that I went in the back bedroom to take a siesta while one of the first rain storms of the Wet Season was whipping down out of the hills…the perfect sound to go to sleep to.

But, our visitor had other plans.  She discovered me – I think it had something to do with my wife putting her food dishes next to the bed.

After the kitten cleaned up her cheese, bread, and scrambled eggs, she discovered the bed, and then what beds are for.

It was a fun few days.  I’ve had cats all my life…my wife had never been around the craziness that a little minx like this brings into the lives of their humans.



I have, and I knew that once I let her up on that bed my rainy afternoon siesta was over…she would be dozing off, and I would be nothing more than a back-stroking and chin-scratching machine.  So be it.  Thanks to my wife’s efforts, and the power of social media, our three-day kitten’s new family came and picked her up yesterday.  After the family left with the kitten I heard a sniffling sound…my wife who was going to pay in allergic reactions was having a small case of separation anxiety and feelings of loss.  That’s what saving a kitten and giving it a couple of days of your life will get you…and a few pictures.

9 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Visitor

  1. (i sit here typing one-handed since my cat has taken the other hand to sleep on just now) i find it fascinating that cats put as much energy as they do into being with humans. it’s not just that they’re an alien species, it’s the size difference that boggles my mind. to live with creatures that are five or six stories taller than you, to find such giants as a source of comfort … there is nothing in our world to compare. Perhaps if I decided to live with whale sharks for the rest of my life, perhaps.

  2. words4jp says:

    very sweet – you and your wife are wonderful for finding a home for this little bundle of sneezes and wheezes – i am allergic too – very – but sometimes we must put our suffering aside, even if it requires drugs – to take care of the little creatures on our planet:)


  3. Being a cat lover, this made me smile…and then feel sad you had to let her go. I’m so sorry for your wife though.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      She’s smiling again. I’m the one who needs medication now…always had whacko cats, and this one had all the signs of following in the last three’s paw steps. Too bad…thanks for the wonderful comments.

  4. Wonderful story – great pics!..Behind the crusty exterior is a kitten-loving rescuer. Kudos to you and your wife who is surely a saint.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      My well-cultivated Crusty Image is falling away like dead scales…and I’m blowing it by letting this out into the cyber-sphere. At least only ten people read my stuff…to the rest I’m still crusty and testy and demanding answers to the unanswerable.

  5. mrs fringe says:

    A perfect Mother’s Day story. Glad you found a home for the little thing–a safe distance away from yours 😉

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