Blogging: When Only the Un-Dead Do It

Blog Machine

Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

I don’t even have to think any longer, which is a relief.

Here’s a headline from my morning Time magazine feed:

The 25 Best Bloggers of 2013

This was the lead:

“For years now, pundits have been knowingly declaring that blogging is dead, rendered irrelevant by alternative means of personal publishing such as Facebook and Twitter. The best way to quash that silly notion is to read scads of blogs, as we did to compile this story. Gifted bloggers are busy everywhere from their own hand-crafted sites to sites operated by major corporations…”

So, I am encouraged to think, after all – Thanks, Time – that I have once again discovered another once-trendy hobby and am riding it down like a ticket holder on the Hindenburg.  This article should give hope to all the bloggers in cyber space, and cheese-off a lot of the graphomaniacs.  But, the two are so often overlapping demographics, you can all join me in my little game of bicameral brain splitting over most everything I look at, smell, touch, hear, and taste….I got all five senses, didn’t…yeah, one, two, three, four, five….got ’em.

So, here’s the first up, just to give you a tease, as Time did for me.  I loved this…David Sedaris in hot rollers !  And I always imagined David Sedaris in hot rollers…I wasn’t hooked until the bit about Neil Gaiman growing up in Texas with a taxidermist for a father.  Now that did it….growing up amongst all those stuffed armadillos…bonding with a favorite non-normal uncle or slowly deteriorating grandfather who was so tired of the swear words they knew that they had to invent their own…and they swore in three and five languages respectively.  I could relate…David…you’re on your own with the hot rollers, bud.

But, I digress…this is not about me (blogger, graphomaniac, potty mouth) but about people like Jenny Lawson, and her blog “The Blogess.”  I got off on that, seeing as how every post of mine has at least two yawning grammar holes, and thanks to editing by cut-and-drag method, even more syntax problems.  I thought for a moment she had screwed up on the Blogess bit – no such luck.  Here’s how article author Susanna Schrobsdorff (what a cool last name…I’m stealing it for a character) introduced Ms. Lawson:

A self-portrait of the Bloggess, also known as...

A self-portrait of the Bloggess, also known as Jenny Lawson, an Internet blogger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“She’s been called dark, disturbing and laugh-out-loud funny — all of which is  true. But beyond that, The Bloggess is a just a really talented writer.  Think David Sedaris in hot rollers or Neil Gaiman if he liked to swear and  had grown up in Texas with a father who was a professional  taxidermist. What Jenny Lawson is not, is a typical mommy blogger. There  are no humblebrag confessions about “that one time I let my kid have three  Cheetos.” Her blog is about trying to stay sane when you’re generally prone  not to, and about making a long-running marriage work. When she published her memoir in 2012, it debuted at number one on the New York  Times best seller list.”

Read more:

So…there it is.  I’m too worn from going through this list of top 25.  And I thought this blogging habit I picked up was just a lark.  My rise to the top, and subsequent fall from grace, shouldn’t take any time at all now, not with all the confidence this article has given me.

Blog on, blog on, bloggers…. (Sing amongst yourselves, to the tune of “Sail on, sail on, sailor…” from that ugh-some song by the re-formed, or was it reformed (?) Beach Boys.


15 thoughts on “Blogging: When Only the Un-Dead Do It

  1. tocksin says:

    Where in tar-nations is the Philosopher Red? We have not heard hide or hair from him. Picking up rocks for whats beneath them; still no peep, no word, no ruminations.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      He’s been under siege from the Dengue Fever, since he’s forever attached to the darker realms of my D. Fever wracked gray matter. I’m recuperating, so I’m sure he’ll loose himself on the world again soon.

  2. culturemonk says:

    yet another damn ‘top 25 list’ that i got snubbed from……..good post though

  3. […] Blogging: When Only the Un-Dead Do It ( […]

  4. words4jp says:

    i must check out The Blogess – she sounds like quite the chick. You are quite the rooster – I have missed reading your thoughts, of which I believe are Top 25 material – or at least the Top 26. I personally like reading blogs that make me think – the mental exercise thing, you know. Have you heard of the Lumosity thing – it seems to be the rage – something about one must exercise their brain, especially as we get older. (the commercial on tv is a lesson on how to reign in the gullible mind). Anyhoo – who needs to pay money for brain exercises when one can read blogs for free – and actually learn something substantial as a side benefit – and laugh. What I am getting at is this – i read your posts and i feel like i have gotten in a good 30 minute run, with a few bicep curls in for good measure.

    Ok – i am off to shower now – good workout! Later gator……..

    • coyotero2112 says:

      I personally don’t like doing all the work of putting my thoughts into posts. I do it simply to comment back and forth with folks like you, which is much more pleasurable than fact checking and trying to distill a world of thoughts into something organized and intelligible to minds much more organized and socialized than my own.
      After the while, crocodile

  5. jannatwrites says:

    I’m so behind the times, I didn’t even know there was a top 25 blog list and I haven’t heard of the Blogess until now. Life is fine in my little cave 🙂

  6. Often critics (read: bitter, bitter little souls) dismiss “Best Of” lists and the like because they’re not on it or someone they hate is and thus it annuls everything else for them. I say this because I was surprised to find not one poet on Time’s list. For example, I would recommend Ron Sillimans, who has been a decade-old central hub for the on-line poetry world for many, many people, myself among them. I am curious as to what criteria they used to come up with this list, since apparently the staff at Time think the insights of Suri Cruise (as told to Allie Hagan) is vastly more enlightening than, say, Poet&Writer’s blog (for me one of the crucial sources on for any author looking to publish can send their work). Thank you for sharing this, my friend, if for no other reason than to remind myself why I don’t read Time magazine.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Yeah, I didn’t dig too far into this…just liked their intro and the first few blogs they listed. I’ve written a few caustic posts about magazine Top-whatevers, and they seem to have become advertising tools for whatever corporation owns them. Was also reading about all the floundering newspapers being bought as status symbols by billionaires…if anyone should know a horse about to drop over…

      • The ubber-rich are odd ducks, aren’t they? buying newspapers as status symbols, encasing them in amber and sealing them away in private vaults. I suppose when you’re that rich paper-based media seems quaint, like collecting old toasters.

  7. mrs fringe says:

    Damn, I didn’t even know I’m behind the times, and yet I’m not surprised. I *love* The Blogess, she’s an asset to the cybersphere for sure. Neil Gaiman, blissful sigh. He also singlehandedly makes Twitter worthwhile. Well, him and Bill Maher. 🙂

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