A Pre-Post, or Post-Post Apology, Depending on How You Read These

tamarindo estuary playa conchal atenas 409To my six dear, loyal readers.

I do apologize for the jumbled, discombobulated effort at an articulate post about my on-going bout with Dengue Fever, my Costa Rican Scam Artist of a Lawyer, and that Friggin‘ thief of a taxi driver whose window I had to crawl into to wrestle my change out of his grubby hands.

Anyone who reads my posts must know by now that I don’t re-read my posts before I post them, when it might be of some help…only after I post them, and then it’s usually my wife who tells me how badly written they are.

I have a completely valid excuse.

The mosquito that gave me this bout of Dengue Fever has given me a gift that keeps on giving, for a few months at least.  It seems that this more virulent strain I picked up this time causes such an internal buildup of heat on the brain that normal functions take two to six months to recover full operational mode….so, my last post contained even more misspellings, syntax problems, clarity trouble, and just downright nonsensical rambling.

I guess I should have given myself another couple of weeks before I subjected CyberLandia to the crap coming out of my over-cooked brain, but I wanted to see if I was back to my normal levels of poor writing now that I’ve passed though the hemorrhagic fever stage.

Guess not…..

Here’s to fully functioning brains…and to roasting that S.O.B. of a lawyer of mine…I’m coming for you, Pacheco !


11 thoughts on “A Pre-Post, or Post-Post Apology, Depending on How You Read These

  1. Gah! I am so sorry to hear this has befallen you, my friend! Cyberland is crazy in that one gets use to constant contact until it suddenly stops and then there’s no way to find out what happened. Brain fever or no, I’m just happy you posted this, cheers!

  2. jannatwrites says:

    Today, my son was complaining about some particularly uncomfortable mosquito bites and he said he wished they were extinct.

    Would their absence really have any negative impact on the world? Surely they have a purpose besides spreading disease…

    • coyotero2112 says:

      I can’t think of one, except for population control. There are quite a few organisms that survive or thrive just to propogate the species. Darwin was right when he observed that.

  3. jerwayne2013 says:

    never heard of that mosquito thing that you have–sounds awful…hope you are on the mend now & You can go get that bad lawyer.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Dengue is a growing concern. Just talked iwith a friend in Pakistan, and she told me it’s all the rage there recently. And…I think my lawyer is a disease carrying mosquito. I’d like to “take care” of him.

  4. words4jp says:

    I think you are the bomb. Not a bomb – the bomb – which is the complimentary version of the word bomb. 😉

    Xxx get better! Sooner instead of later – crocodile. Kimberly.

    • coyotero2112 says:

      Thanks so much. Just went to the beach and curled up in the sand…and of all things, the Ticos are having a marathon, with all the attendant noise, people, fried gunk, and dogs everywhere. This is the wet season, and I’m used to being the one of maybe ten people on an eight mile long beach.
      sleep and warmth and surf…goood though
      Later Kimberly gator…

  5. coyotero2112 says:

    Thanks ! You’re a true simpatico, as the good people are known as here in Costa. Maybe she could have woke up early that day and had coffee on the balcon while I listened to the jungle wake up…and told me my fly was open then. Don’t even want to think that is where the little bugger got me !

  6. At your worst you are better than most. Nice thing wives do. Let you know your fly is down after meeting twenty or so people at a gathering.

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